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There is an obvious distinction between turf protection and a turf cover. It is easy to cover a grass field without consideration for the subsequent condition of the turf, it is however a far greater challenge to be able to cover the field, allowing for a swift change from core events held in the stadium to a concert for example and back again, without compromising the quality of the turf.

Easy Setup

“This revolutionary lightweight ground protection system is quick and easy to install over virtually any surface and is ideal for covering pitches. The Terraplas®…”

Optimal Turf Care

“Manufactured from natural virgin translucent High Density Polyethylene, which not only gives a product far superior in strength to any of its competitors…”

Manufacture Details

“To ensure the superiority of all Terraplas® products, we invest in the very best design, development,tooling, materials, manufacturing and subsequent testing..”

Unique Locking System

“The unique system provides safe access as the tile’s unique construction produces a non-slip surface and still allows the addition of safety edges or ramps…”

Pressure & Weight

“Terraplas® is beyond just a turf protection system, it is also capable of supporting thousands of people, take the weight of fork lifts, staging trucks and cranes…”


Croke Park, Dublin

Croke Park, Dublin

Croke Park, Dublin

Croke Park, Dublin

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